Switchboard Expansion: Eclipse

2 min readApr 9, 2024

At Switchboard, we’re thrilled to announce the integration and deployment of our oracle network on Eclipse’s devnet! This collaboration unlocks a new chapter for developers by allowing them to use Switchboard’s secure and versatile data feeds within Eclipse’s high-performance Layer 2 environment.


Eclipse is a game-changing Layer-2 built on a modular architecture. It combines the best aspects of various technologies to deliver scalability and security:

  • Settlement: Ethereum — Eclipse leverages Ethereum’s robust security for finality and dispute resolution.
  • Execution: Solana Virtual Machine (SVM) — Eclipse utilizes the high-throughput SVM for rapid transaction processing.
  • Data Availability: Celestia — Data is stored on Celestia’s scalable data availability layer, ensuring its persistence.
  • Proofs: RISC Zero — Eclipse employs RISC Zero for efficient zero-knowledge fraud proofs.

The Benefits of Switchboard on Eclipse

This integration empowers developers building on Eclipse with a powerful suite of oracle functionalities:

  • Permissionless & Secure Data Layer: Have complete control over the data feeds you use in your applications. Access an unlimited range of on-chain and off-chain data, all secured by Switchboard’s decentralized oracle network.
  • Highly Customizable Feeds: Switchboard gives developers the flexibility to tailor data feeds to their specific needs, including price feeds, randomness generation, and custom off-chain computations.
  • Enhanced Scalability: Eclipse’s high-throughput environment, combined with Switchboard’s efficient oracle design, facilitates fast and cost-effective data retrieval. This allows developers to build complex applications on Eclipse without worrying about scalability bottlenecks.

The Future of Secure and Scalable Data Access

This combination of Switchboard’s secure data feeds and Eclipse’s high-performance Layer 2 environment lays the groundwork for even more exciting and upcoming developments. Stay tuned as we launch Switchboard On-Demand, which will revolutionize data access for developers.

Switchboard On-Demand, currently live on Solana Devnet, offers a new approach to data retrieval. This upcoming oracle model promises to improve the user experience by making data requests even faster, cheaper, and more user-friendly.

Join the Innovation

With Switchboard integrated into Eclipse’s devnet, developers can now start experimenting and building applications that leverage the combined power of secure data, fast execution, and scalable infrastructure.

Stay tuned for further updates as we approach Eclipse’s mainnet launch.

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